Our company develops, manufactures and delivers mechanical and emergency couplers designed for light rail vehicles. The mechanical couplers are designed for permanent coupling of two vehicles in operation. The emergency couplers are used for emergency pulling or pushing away an empty tram car in case that the vehicle cannot move by means of its own drive. In folded position the coupler is placed under the car, where it is fixed against movement and vibration.

  • light rail vehicles (LRV)
  • trams               
  • permanent coupling of two rail vehicles
  • emergency coupling of two rail vehicles 
Basic division
  • mechanically controlled coupler for permanent use
  • mechanically controlled coupler for emergency use
  • folding x non-folding coupler 

Customized solution
  • YES according to technical specification of the customer
  • max. static operating load of the coupler in tension and compression – from 60kN to 300kN
  • folding x non-folding
  • head type: "Albert" x "Prague"
  • horizontal position supporting mechanism 
  • suspension element – elimination of pulling and pushing dynamic forces in the coupler axis
  • folding of coupler with lever or switchrail rod
  • docking mechanism – parking counterpart for safe parking of the folded coupler
  • variability of the coupler length and its main parts
  • custom applications
  • high reliability
  • simple installation
  • long lifetime 
  • minimum maintenance 
According to standard
  • EN15020
Max. horizontal deflection of the coupler   
  • ± 45°
Max. vertical deflection of the coupler
  • ± 7°
Temperature range
  • -40°C  to  +50°C