Customized Solutions and Others

We develop, manufacture and deliver customized electromechanical devices according to the customer specifications. Our products meet all required standards, test requirements, achieve high quality and help the customer to save lead time and costs.

  • electric and diesel-electric locomotives 
  • units EMU, DMU 
  • metro
  • trams
Customized solution
  • YES according to technical specification of the customer
Application examples
  • platform of the main vacuum high speed circuit breaker CVB 25kV AC with a roof earthing switch
  • disconnecting – earthing  switch of a pantograph in a box with accessories 
  • shop-switch in the box
  • contactor boxes
  • HV boxes 
  • LV boxes 
  • diode boxes 
  • heating units (calorifers)  
  • door drives 
  • bells 
  • custom applications
  • fulfilment of required standards
  • cost saving 
  • simple installation 
  • high reliability 
According to standards
  • EN 60077-1, EN 60077-2
Welding according to standards
  • EN3834, EN15085, ČD V95/5
Degree of protection
  • IP00 – IP67
Temperature range
  • -50°C  to  +70°C