Electromagnetic Track Brakes

Electromagnetic track brakes are used for light rail vehicles and passenger coaches as an emergency braking system. Our brakes are independent on the main braking system. The main function is braking of the vehicles by friction usually in case of emergency.

  • low-floor trams
  • older types of trams  
  • passenger cars
  • rail vehicle braking by friction on the rail, usually in case of emergency
Customized solution
  • YES according to technical specification of the customer
  • useable with all types of main braking system 
  • simple installation
  • robust construction 
  • long lifetime
  • minimum maintenance 
According to standards
  • UIC 541-06, IEC 77, DIN 5510
Degree of protection
  • IP67
Rated voltage
  • 24, 48, 72, 110VDC  +25% -30% 
Magnetic pull force
  • up to 84kN
Thermal class
  • F