Key Multipliers

Key multipliers are used for ensuring safe condition of a rail vehicle for work on electric equipment. Main function of key system is blocking and releasing keys depending on their turning, i.e. it can control and block various functions of a device such as an pneumatic valve for supply of compressed air of the pantograph drive, changing-over the device to another position, its disconnection or earthing, in relation to safe condition of other related devices in the electrical circuit. After releasing the main key, which is generally used, main lock unblocks other keys in the master board according to a predefined diagram, while the other keys serve for blocking or unblocking other devices and their functions.

  • rolling stocks
  • EMU’s
  • metro
  • ensuring safe condition of a vehicle and its electrical circuits for work on electric equipment
Customized solution
  • YES according to technical specification of the customer
  • lock type, e.g. KABA, IKON, SOUTHCO etc.
  • quantity of locks and their keys
  • key colours and codes
  • variable diagram of the lock system
  • blocking functions on devices  
  • electric indication of the key position – using Schaltbau microswitches 
  • modular solutions
  • ensuring safe condition of the vehicle
  • high reliability 
  • simple installation
  • long lifetime 
  • minimum maintenance 
According to standards
  • EN 60077-1, EN 60077-2
Degree of protection
  • IP00 – IP67
Temperature range
  • -50°C  to  +70°C