Master and Brake Controllers

Controllers are electromechanical devices used for controlling of driving and braking of rail vehicles.

  • trams
  • electric and diesel-electric locomotives 
  • metro
  • electric and diesel-electric units (EMU, DMU)
  • mining locomotives 
  • control of vehicle drive and brake 
  • change of vehicle drive direction
Basic division
  • master controllers 
  • brake controllers 
  • integrated in the driver's console 
  • integrated in the driver's seat 
  • with rotary motion of the lever 
  • with linear motion of the lever  
Customized solution 
  • YES according to technical specification of the customer
  • number of positions and lever locking in the position
  • drive and brake lever, reversing run lever, speed setpoint lever, ...
  • potentiometer or analog sensor with current, voltage, PWM output or CANBus
  • "Deadman" signalling of driver's  vigilance; types: push-button, rotary lever, push-lever
  • lock of the controller for its locking in coast position
  • controller shape and dimensions, lever shape
  • type of connection to the vehicle and connector type
  • lock blocking versus mode selector versus  control lever
  • modular solutions
  • ergonomic design
  • high reliability 
  • simple installation 
  • long lifetime 
  • minimum maintenance
According to standards 
  • ČSN 362255 (IEC77), IEC60077 (ČSN EN 60077)
Degree of protection
  • IP00 – IP54 according to customer requirements, mining controllers up to IP67
Rated voltage
  • 24 / 48 / 72 / 110VDC
Temperature range
  • -50°C  to  +70°C
  • max. 1 400 m