Switching Devices

These devices are used for safe disconnection or switching of electric power circuits of rail vehicles without load. We develop, manufacture and deliver customized no-load disconnectors, change-over switches, earthing switches and also their combinations, which can be installed inside the vehicle, on the roof or under the vehicle.

  • trams
  • electric and diesel-electric locomotives 
  • metro
  • electric and diesel-electric units (EMU, DMU)
  • no-load switching of power circuits    
Basic division
  • vehicle type
  • nominal voltage 
  • function 
  • location
  • type of drive
  • number of positions
  • number of poles
Customized solutions
  • YES according to technical specification of the customer
  • manual, electric or pneumatic drive
  • disconnector, change-over switch, earthing switch, or combination of the functions
  • variable switching program
  • control voltage
  • combination with a lock system (the lock blocks the control lever)
  • delivered separately or in a box according to the customer specification
  • number of auxiliary contacts
  • custom applications
  • modularity
  • high reliability
  • simple installation 
  • long lifetime
  • minimum maintenance
Rated current
  • up to 4000A
Rated voltage
  • 750VDC, 1,5kVDC, 3kVDC, 15kVAC,  25kVAC
According to standards
  • EN 60077-1, EN 60077-2
Overvoltage category
  • according to EN 50124-1
Pollution degree
  • according to EN 50124-1
Degree of protection
  • according to EN60529
Control voltage
  • 24 / 48 / 72 / 110VDC +25% -30%VDC
Temperature range
  • -50°C  to  +70°C